Karaoke for Wankers

Karaoke for Wankers is an interactive installation/ intervention presented at Firstdraft as part of the gallery’s inaugural critical forum series Around the Outside.

A microphone faces a laptop computer on a plinth. The laptop plays a slideshow asking whoever is behind the microphone to define a series of challenging words and phrases.

 This project was developed in response to our thinking about the forum’s theme – the tyranny of the expert – and academic language as one of the barriers that makes it hard for post institutional artists and community projects to operate within the art / gallery context; one of the barriers that often prevents people from engaging in art more broadly.

The installation was a self-conscious intervention in an institutional space, an invitation for people to question the meanings of these terms, and to try and create a multiplicity of new, valid meanings based on each respondent’s positionality, knowledge base, imagination and interpretation.

Concept by zin

Presented at Firstdraft Gallery for Around the Outside critical forum