Make the Call

Make the Call is a one-on-one performance that uses the familiar social act of talking on a mobile phone in public spaces to create new thoughts, experiences and actions. Audiences are given a time and location in advance. Once there, they receive a phone call from an anonymous caller and embark a unique journey that combines conversation, imagination and real-world-interaction. Make the Call explores the experience of beauty – the ways we define, seek, create, interact with and share beauty in everyday life. Every performance is different, responding to an ever-shifting public landscape and each audience member’s position within it.

Created & Performed by zin

Dramaturg Julian Larnach

Presented at:

2013 City of Darwin’s National Youth Week Youth Hub (Darwin)

2013 Crack Theatre Festival, This is Not Art (Newcastle)

2014 Festival of Live Art (Melbourne)

Created through the support of Theatre Works’ Encounter(s) program.