Take A Shot

This interactive work invites you to choose one of four unique drinks: the “Party Animal”, the “Lover”, the “Daredevil” or the “Explorer”. Ingredients may include the “Tendency to Smile at Strangers”, the “Urge to Administer Random High Fives”, or a “Willingness to Dance in Public”. After choosing your personality, participants are asked to sign a formal contract, promising to embody that character for 52 minute-life of the concoction. After signing this form, the participants take their shot and are free to interpret the instruction in any way they wish.

In this real-life game of alter egos, zin has asks its audience to literally consume and inhabit the art. The personality-bending concoctions invite people to act boldly and explore their own performativity in a large public setting.

Created & Performed by zin

Presented at 2014 Sydney Festival’s Parramatta Opening Party (Sydney)

Photos by Jack Toohey